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Hand Knitting

Faroese-shaped Kevšt Shawl

This is a top-down, Faroese-shaped shawl that can be knitted in a variety of yarns - from lace weight to worsted or even heavier.

It has the Faroese shoulder shaping so that it does not 'ride up' in the neck and sits firmly on the shoulders, and the wings are long enough that they can be bound in the back to make it an utilitarian shawl.

Newest version: V2.1 February 2015

PDF of Shawl Pattern

Faroese Shaped Kevat Shawl

Hand Knitting

Vive La France Beret

This is a top-down Beret, knit in the Magic Loop method, for any kind of yarn.

Newest version: V1.0 September 2018

PDF of Beret Pattern

Vive La France Beret

Hand Knitting

Magic Loop Pattern for 'Knitted Knockers'

This is a pattern for top-down 'Knitted Knockers', knit in the Magic Loop method.

Newest version: V1.0 September 2018

PDF of Magic Loop Knockers Pattern

Magic Loop Boobies

Machine Knitting

The Unholy Heel

There are two versions of the 'Unholy Heel' tutorial: English, and Deutsch

Both versions have a .pdf file linked where you can download the tutorial:

Example of the Unholy Heel, made on a Passap Duomatic 80

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